don't trade with clanny

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03-04-2007 19:52:47

Don't trade with clanny. You'll never get your sites done. He responded to one of my threads saying he could do zeropricetags. He signed up on the site, but never completed an offer. Sent several pm's. No response. Finally cancelled the trades and then he rosponded wanting to know why.

Contacted me again later wanting to know if i had sites that needed done. Gave him a second chance since i was desperate for greens. Needed the final refs on zeropricetags and coke.ordergiftsfree. Said he would do them both. Aagin, I waited forever and no response or action.

Im'd me the other day wanting to know if i would green for HIM. The audacity. I told him told him that he still had not completed my sites. He first told me that he didn't even remember that he was supposed to do anything for me.....hello....innumeralble PM's. Then he says that he was not completing sites that pay on approval....again hello.....could have been paid by now. Not that I would pay him on green anyway due to prior treatment.

Now i'm still trying to get my sites done that i started 3 months ago. Don't bother with this guy.


03-04-2007 20:44:13

Great, he's asking about doing giftmonkey for me me... If he decides, I'll make sure we are 100% clear. Thanks for the heads up.

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04-04-2007 07:41:02

thanks )

sandra habina

04-04-2007 22:42:15

He doesn't return PM's either. Leads you on saying yes but does not follow thru.


05-04-2007 00:54:22

I don't know that it was appropriate to post this here...


05-04-2007 04:55:24

[quote0b2ec5eda5="Excel"]I don't know that it was appropriate to post this here...[/quote0b2ec5eda5]

I don't know - I think a trader with a reputation for promising to green and not qualifies as a "Problem Trader". Not a scammer necessarily, but I'd like a heads-up about someone I might count on who would then draw it out for months and months.



05-04-2007 09:27:36

Well, I see your point. I guess I would have atleast made a different topic, like 'Clanny backs out on trades' or something, just so you don't see his name in the topic and instantly think he was a scammer.


05-04-2007 19:33:14

it says "Problem traders" i think backing out and not responding constitues a "problem"