Ocean Blue?

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03-04-2007 10:38:47

Ocean Blue is using 2 different emails. She went red for doing this on me.
#1 is email==scubachick78@gmail.comscubachick78@gmail.com=scubachick78@gmail.comscubachick78@gmail.com/email and #2 is email==cherylcm78@yahoo.comcherylcm78@yahoo.com=cherylcm78@yahoo.comcherylcm78@yahoo.com/email

Just be careful out there. I was looking forward to my gift.


03-04-2007 21:18:32

She never completed my site and I never got an answer back. Paypal complaint initiated, hopefully I will get my money back.


04-04-2007 06:20:19

They completed two sites for me, using the second email. One is already approved the second is still pending. Hope it stays green


24-04-2007 17:43:22

Any update on this from anyone??? She just went red on my six.anygift4free site for having multiple accounts.

Jessperrea, did you get your paypal money back? If so, I'm going to file a claim as well.



24-04-2007 18:19:56

I did not report this to admin. I guess I should have. I will and everyone else should that has been scammed by Ocean Blue.