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03-04-2007 10:23:50

Does any one know what has happened to LrStrt? He has not done any post since March 3 and he is not responding to my pm's. He owes me $50 and I would like to know if anyone knows him or anything about him.
Is he a scammer?????


03-04-2007 11:20:32

Went green for me a couple of months ago and passed approval. Dont know where this user went off too but didnt scam me.


03-04-2007 13:41:59

He has a good tr and I have dealt with him before myself. I just thought someone might know him. I just wonder if he is okay.


27-04-2007 18:20:59

I have pm'd Theysayjump and Admin and not received an answer yet. I know that they are busy so maybe someone else can give me an idea as to what I need to do. $50 is a lot of money to me and I don't know if I will ever get it.
I now have another user that owes me $15 and I can't get ahold of him. It's not as much money but the 2 together would pay one of my bills. His name is lloukx.technicaldrafting. I have not yet given up on him but it is getting close.


28-04-2007 04:04:05

Well, he hasn't posted anything since March 5th. And I am surprised that you haven't heard back from TSJ, but that's the breaks. All they will be able to tell you is probably that he hasn't logged on, and there isn't much they can do for you if that's the case.

Do you happen to have an email address or some way to contact him that isn't through the board? If he has run away or stopped doing freebies, then it sounds like you are going to be down and out of your money. Sorry...

One last thing, and this is unrelated...You need to take out your Winzy link. It counts as a referral link as of this post.


28-04-2007 08:29:24

He hasn't been here since April 4. He registered with this email address in case you want to contact him


28-04-2007 08:53:24

Thank you for the email. I did email him and hope that I hear from him soon. $50 is alot of money to me.