Hazmat went on hold...

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02-04-2007 17:07:46

Hazmat, on here, went red for me, on iPod.GetStuff4Free.org for offer fraud on Complete Home.

I have contacted him, and hope we can resolve this in a responsible manner.

He has 23+TR, but that doesn't always mean something I suppose. For everyone else who has traded with him, can you let me know if he passed for you or not?
EDIT[/b07560ba155] 2 days, no response, although he HAS read my PM..


02-04-2007 17:13:45

grrr damn it!! i have him on a site, he's still green but i havent submitted for approval yet

hopefully he doesn't go red on me (


02-04-2007 17:15:48

Ya, I noticed some other top traders traded with him, including you and Kala...


04-04-2007 17:32:52

This needs to go up...

2 days and no response..

[b5ce20d2c25]EDIT[/b5ce20d2c25] forgot to mention, he HAS read my PM, and never contacted me.


04-04-2007 17:44:04

He went red on me also, but it was before he went green. So I never paid him, good thing.


04-04-2007 17:49:18

Well, I guess I can hope my best, and escalate it to a claim on PayPal if he doesn't respond by Friday.

Although, I'm 99% sure I will lose, due to me putting it as "other". From now on, I'm putting it as "goods". First time I've been scammed. People really need to learn to do something more constructive with their lives than slilili like this.



05-04-2007 07:06:40

he's red for me too (


05-04-2007 18:50:38

condra, did you pay him, or no? I'm assuming so, due to the (

Escalating my dispute to a claim tomorrow, I can always hope for the best.

Also, does anyone know what happens if I make it a claim, and he doesn't respond? Like, is there a time-frame, say 7 days, and if he doesn't respond, I automatically get my $ back? shrug


05-04-2007 19:06:03

The other party is given 7 days to respond to your claim. If they do not respond, it is automatically found in your favor. As for whether you get your money back or not, it depends on if there is any money in the account for them to give you. Today I got 53 cents back out of $25. Good luck. I hope you get all of yours back.


05-04-2007 19:08:15

Well, then screw that, I'm opening claim now, considering he could just take the money out, unless PayPal stops that.

Either way, claim will be open soon.


06-04-2007 12:08:07

yeah I paid him upon green...someone PM a mod...grrr


07-04-2007 20:17:31

Well, he has until the 15th to respond. I doubt he will, he probably doesn't even know what a dispute/claim on PayPal is.

He probably cashed out a long time ago, and I will win, and get $0.00.

Condra, have you filed a claim on PayPal yet? We can at least try..


07-04-2007 23:04:57

yeah I did...but...you know, i guess its a bit late



09-04-2007 14:18:11

6 more days. I wonder if I will even get a cent back..


09-04-2007 16:00:14

[quote27504ded69="patrick_7412"]Ya, I noticed some other top traders traded with him, including you and Kala...[/quote27504ded69]

Had a trade w/ this user about 6 weeks ago and was paid by the site already... get6friends


16-04-2007 17:07:57

good news guys ) paypal just decided the case in my favor and refunded me 40$ D yay!


16-04-2007 17:11:20

I almost forgot to post here. I got my $20 back yesterday D

I got 2 more days, and 3 more end (total of $66)..hopefully I get that back too..