Looking for CoolKat? I got my money back...

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01-04-2007 22:29:04

CoolKat scammed me, I paid $30 and he never went green or did anything, he told me that the trade wasn't valid and he didn't have to do anything, even though I already paid him.

Anyways, I filed a claim with paypal, and escalated to a claim so they would investigate. Also I found that he is in Dallas, TX and threatened to come after him legally, and he must have gotten scared because he refunded my money, so hopefully he won't be around here anymore.

Hopefully I saved a few people the time and money of getting scammed.

Good Luck.


02-04-2007 07:26:52

I noticed that CoolKat has posted admitting that he went red and offers to repay. I'm wondering if that goes well with everyone.

If you are dealing with CoolKat and want to post infor about him, please try to stay with the same topic and post replies instead of open new ones. I think that would help the community to easily keep track of the scammers.


02-04-2007 07:28:06

Yeah, theres other topics on him already, He has agreed to pay everyone back if you open a paypal dispute.


02-04-2007 08:38:05

I have been kind and been paying people when they PM me their email for paypal.
Sorry, but i will not do that anymore.
Send a paypal dispute, with what site i was supposed to do for you and how much i owe you, thanks!