rkensin placed on hold

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31-03-2007 19:43:28

rkensin has been placed on hold on Gear.Free4Me. Luckily, he never completed offer for me so I am not out any moeny. Just wanted to give everyone else the heads up about this trader.


31-03-2007 20:14:04

Many holds are the result of simple newbie errors, and do not justify being labeled a scammer.

Have you PMd the trader to find out what happened and give them a chance to correct it??


31-03-2007 20:25:15

I never once used the word "scammer". I have tried to contact him, 5 times to be exact, and no he has not answered any of my pm's. I simply wanted to warn people that he may be up to something shady.

sandra habina

31-03-2007 21:18:31

Thanks for the information Denise. Hope it works out.