Wunlkygrl where are you?

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30-03-2007 15:24:59

She still owes me for a green, anyone else owed by her?



30-03-2007 21:17:03

I think they're gone http//forum.freeipodguide.com/smilies_mod/upload/87ccbe9f51f7c97de351c380d03eb0e3.gif[" alt=""/img80f605fabd] try asking a mod


31-03-2007 06:46:24

She went red on me on a site and I had to issue a paypal dispute to get my refund because I could not contact her through the forum. I contacted a mod and he also tried to contact her (I think that is why her account had -1 on TR). She then contacted me through paypal and said in the dispute she had been really busy and she was sorry. Hope that helps