Scammer Question

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29-03-2007 11:03:26

Please explain exactly what scammers do. I am sorry to be soooo new that I don't know this. I feel it is information I need. I have done only one trade. So far, I have only registered at the site, want to be sure that goes well first. I tried to clear my cookies but am not sure I was successful. I will register at each site only once. Won't that work even if my cookies aren't cleared?



29-03-2007 18:32:16

By definition, a scammer is someone who INTENTIONALLY frauds the system in an attempt to make as much money as possible before disapearing (and hoping not to get caught). If you make an honest mistake and are attempting to correct it once it is brought to your attention, in my book you are not a scammer.

But a lot of newbies have been making mistakes lately. Best guidelines -

Each site once, each offer once.

Only do freebies from your personal computer and Never allow anyone else to (not even to check an account).

If you make a mistake, PM the person or open a support ticket on the site as soon as you realize it and don't just "hope no one notices" - if you are up front about it they are more likely to let you fix it.

Be honest, be careful, and you'll be fine. And beware of people offering things too good to be true.........



29-03-2007 18:34:54

I also suggest reading everything here. Theres plenty of topics in the help forum that answer different questions plus that huge red box at the top of the page can help.

You should probably do 1 trade first to understand how things work with a trusted member here. You shouldnt trade with a person with low TR, but its not a rule.