Coolkat Got me too

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28-03-2007 17:55:01

I just paid coolkat him because he brag about his rating and it was higher than mine. I agreed and he has not reply to my 4 emails. Then, I come across this topic. How come this guy is not banned with all this complaints. This is the 3rd time I get scammed. I'm a member of with 8 TR and is hard to trust anyone with 5 or less trading rate. No more fresh newbie trades for me.


Big War Bird

28-03-2007 18:13:07

Whenever I am getting ready to trade the first thing I do is look in the scammer section.


28-03-2007 18:30:42

It'd probably help to do a search on someone, especially if they're newer to see if anyone else had anything to say about them.


28-03-2007 18:36:50

glad I cancelled my trade before he did an offer- Or claimed he did an offer!

Big War Bird

28-03-2007 18:39:34

CoolKat contacted me through AIM, even agrred to wait til approval, of course he never even signed up to my site.
He/She used volcomStones985


28-03-2007 20:21:28

ok, i don't get it. someone pm a mod? please? we need to get ppl banned here!


29-03-2007 03:45:27

coolkat signed up on wii.123stufffree for me but never went green lucky i was paying on approval.


29-03-2007 15:18:14

CoolKat just tried to scam me as well!! x I guess he saw that I was new here on this forum but he didn't realize that I am not new to trading. He tried to get me to pay him upfront. I told him that screamed scam. He told me that I screamed scam because i wouldn't pay him upfront because i only have 1TR! I don't know how some people sleep at night!!!


29-03-2007 15:38:04

He/she just PM'd me -- boy am I glad I read this link earlier and saw all the negative feedback from coolkat. I probably would have answered him since his TR is higher than mine.

Thanks to e1 for letting me know.


29-03-2007 15:52:40

Lets get this loser banned please


29-03-2007 16:14:08

Scammed me for 12.50. Not entirely new to trading so there was no way i was going to pay full upfront. Ban the scammer.


29-03-2007 16:17:31

Hey all this kid got me as well. I paid him on green for both and I gave him $20 on each site once he went green. I checked today and he was green on both sites.

[quotec839e38d28]Messages from Admin
Message Date From Message
03/29/07 Kyle A user you referred,, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

Offer Fraud It has been determined that you have frauded one of the offers you completed. This includes providing false information, early cancellation, or completing the offfer more than once.

The following notes were also included fraud. [/quotec839e38d28]

That's the message I recieved on He used a different e-mail address for both sites. He used for LCDMonster and on I tried to IM him on volcomStones985 but he did not reply. I first asked him to do another site for my to see if he was really a scammer, but he said no, and told me to do an offer for him on giftmonkey (a 3 point offer that approved after 60 days at that!). I also just filed 2 PayPal claims against him. Is there anyway to get my money back or to get him banned form all these other sites? Thanks for any info. By the way, we traded on Anything4Free and he has already been banned on there. I only have 1 TR on here but 9 on A4F, incase anyone was wondering lol.


29-03-2007 16:43:07

Does this joker think he is smart or what? He just PM'd me and I JUST posted about 3 minutes prior.. Take a hike buddy!!! WHY is he not banned? He is at A4F... Geezus!!


29-03-2007 17:03:22

He's 14, lives in Mineola, Long Island, NY. Trying to get his address now. He frauded a ton when I was working for Rewardz Network.

Other SN is MonkeyCow92 if he blocks you. I'll get his phone number soon too, if you want to have a nice talk with his parents D


29-03-2007 17:04:47

He's a major frauder. He threatened us ( and many others. He has lots of account names and emails.


29-03-2007 18:24:10



29-03-2007 18:36:52

Nice D Finally caught you, Jay and I knew you were a frauder the whole time, the owners never belived us. We finally proved it! D I'm glad he's refunding everybody )

Jay let's go have a party dance cheer


29-03-2007 18:46:49

I received a refund Thanks


29-03-2007 18:58:34

got my $40 back!


29-03-2007 19:08:21

Glad he is paying people back. If he is paying people back...CoolKat, where did you go wrong?? Can we help you??


29-03-2007 19:44:09

[quoted5de5f6443="Jay42"]He's a major frauder. He threatened us ( and many others. He has lots of account names and emails so if an admin wants them just shoot me a pm. [bd5de5f6443]We got his address too.[/bd5de5f6443][/quoted5de5f6443]

I'm not supporting frauders, but I just checked your website's privacy policy

[quoted5de5f6443=" privacy policy"]Except for
purposes stated expressly in this Privacy Policy, RewardzNetwork
LLC will not use your personal information.
Kind of Information Do You Share With Others?

Except as may be stated expressly in this Privacy Policy,
we do not share personal information that you give us with
any third parties.

Required By Law

There is a limited number of situations requiring us to
disclose your personal information to others without first
receiving your consent (1) when ordered to do so by a
subpoena or court order, (2) if you violate or breach an
agreement with us, (3) if we believe conduct by you will
harm the property or rights of RewardzNetwork LLC or those
of RewardzNetwork LLC's users, (4) under exigent circumstances
to protect the physical safety of RewardzNetwork LLC, its
employees, users, or the general public, (5) in connection
with the sale of all or substantially all of our company's
assets or the sale of an entire business division, or (6)
to validate credit card numbers.

Are you offering up personal information from someone that made an account on your site? Isn't that a direct violation of your privacy policy? I could not find that reason in your privacy policy.

He's a scumbag frauder perhaps, but how can anyone trust your site if you are offering up personal info in violation of your own privacy policy?


29-03-2007 19:52:42

Him and MJ Rewardz offered up personal information, but Diablo is like 12, so thats OK


30-03-2007 11:34:29

Sorry everyone, havent checked the scam thread for awhile.
Thanks 04F for telling me in the trading thread.
Again, sorry everyone.


30-03-2007 11:52:36

Sorry admins i posted 3 threads because i thought it would be important for everyone to get their money back.
I will be dealing with the rewardznetwork for revealing my information to the public.
And also, you all owe O4F some karma she got me to this topic!
By the way, if you don't send me a dispute their is no way in getting your money back because i only check my disputes!
And if you all can get me unbanned from A4F so i can do the same there because i don't know if i went red for anyone there!
They can ban me right after i send paypal to everyone, i guess i should've checked scam threads more often!
See ya guys!!


30-03-2007 11:54:26

I would have gotten his phone number using yellowbook, which is completly legal. Jay however would be breaking the law and Privacy Policy. I also don't work for RN anymore and I can't get his address from there.

TryinToGetPaid - I did not offer it from MJRewardz, they have nothing to do with this, he isn't even signed up on any of our sites as far as I know. And, I am not 12.


30-03-2007 11:57:30

Diablo its all sort out now.
I know you were just trying to help out


30-03-2007 12:24:22

I'm a guy, your welcome )


30-03-2007 16:01:36

I paid everyone back as far as I know.
Sorry, thought you were a she because of your picture, haha.
Alright c-ya around guys.
And if i didn't pay you back send a dispute against me and i'll resolve it, thanks!
Try and get me unbanned on A4F so i can resolve this whole mess, they can ban me right after i pay everyone just want to sort this all out!


30-03-2007 16:50:11

why did you go red anyway??? this is really weird? you went red and you'Re paying everyone back? did you fraud on purpose?


30-03-2007 20:02:07

nytrate, sorry about that. We just switched over to FSR and I forgot to re edit it in before. Anyways I removed it and no I did not release his information to anyone.


30-03-2007 21:00:18

sounds like he needed a loan


31-03-2007 05:19:46

Switching to FS3?
I don't understand..


31-03-2007 05:21:20

And also JAY you did release my information to people.
Everyone that came to this thread saw it, so you did release my information.


31-03-2007 07:02:25

[quote785b365da4="O4F-Manofice"]Glad he is paying people back. If he is paying people back...CoolKat, where did you go wrong?? Can we help you??[/quote785b365da4]

I doubt it, he's completed true 25+ times. He's a really good frauder, we never had proof he frauded, but we knew he did. Hopefully he leaves the freebie scene and stops all this frauding before he drives away true and video professor.

Like I said, I'm calling your parents today or tomorrow and having a chat about you and your frauding. That should get you grounded for a while.


31-03-2007 08:08:35

^^lmao...are u kidding me...rofl..


31-03-2007 08:20:18

Did he do cashcustomorderthis for any one eales ?? hes still green there. Althogh I do expect red.


03-04-2007 08:38:05

[quote4299530eef="CoolKat"]SEND ME DISPUTE AND I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY IF I SEE I GONE RED FOR YOU[/quote4299530eef] you have just gone red on cashcustomorderthis for me. please send refund to


03-04-2007 09:01:19

[quotef7151173a3="gator1002"][quotef7151173a3="CoolKat"]SEND ME DISPUTE AND I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY IF I SEE I GONE RED FOR YOU[/quotef7151173a3] you have just gone red on cashcustomorderthis for me. please send refund to[/quotef7151173a3]

Open a paypal dispute.


03-04-2007 09:17:59

I opened a dispute and he sent refund.


03-04-2007 21:23:40

He got me for $20 paypal. open dispute. I created this topic and he has not refunded my money.


04-04-2007 09:43:45

Refund was received. What a waist of time. Thank you anyway to try to make things right.