texasced do not trade with

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28-03-2007 13:00:25

I'm going to start listing everyone who has gone red, and cost me money,
hopefully it won't happen to you!

cost me $58


28-03-2007 15:31:03

yea he went red for me and never got back to me


28-03-2007 15:45:26

texasced went red on me too but I got refunded by filing a complaint with paypal


28-03-2007 18:08:48

damn you lol what did u do?


29-03-2007 11:04:10

I put in a complaint with paypal saying they did not follow through on service paid for along with the email I received from v-bux saying their account was put on hold due to fraud. Paypal refunded my money after 20 days.

[quoteca8dc3acf0="gmario"]damn you lol what did u do?[/quoteca8dc3acf0]


29-03-2007 15:15:05

20 days i guess i'll do that to thx.

sandra habina

30-03-2007 06:58:42

Yes he got me too. But he told me he would pay it back - but not yet.