jstone87 refusing to acknowledge my green

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25-03-2007 08:57:46

I am having problems with jstone87. I accepted a trade with him on March 2nd, one credit (1/2) went green instantly and the other 1/2 credit went green on the 9th. I informed him about the statis of the trade and he said to keep him informed, which I did. To this date he still hasn't acknowleged the trade or me going green, and he will not answer my pm's even though I know he has read all but one of them. I'm not sure who to get a hold of for this problem, also not sure if this is where I should vent, just had to get it off my chest.


25-03-2007 12:20:08

It appears that this user has been banned. There is not much that you can do unless someone has their email or AIM so you can try to contact them that way. Sorry that this happened to you.


25-03-2007 17:14:44

i have a open with him aswell...i even did a 3rd .5 offer just to go green for him /


25-03-2007 19:35:47

jstone87 just paypaled me for our trade )


26-03-2007 19:40:27

Did both of you shawwtys get paid yet>? ?


27-03-2007 06:52:43

I did email him, per instructions from the moderator, and he paid me immediately. He also apologized for not completing his part on time.