Out for 1.5 weeks

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unknown uchiha

22-03-2007 16:09:26


Just a heads up as I'll be gone for a week and a half for Spring Break. I'll be less active around here and will not be trading/doing any sites in the meantime. I have about 3-4 sites I need to finish up offers on which I will get to when I get back if they have not credited by then.

Until then, I'll only be active in paying for refs, etc. since I don't want to risk being DQed for anything because of IP addresses.


22-03-2007 16:55:06

cool have fun wink


22-03-2007 16:59:41

Have fun at spring break lol, we call it schoolies where i live it's mad fun, hope you have a ball !!



22-03-2007 21:00:25

Just wondering if you finished up my site? Have a great spring break!!!