Scammer - multiple times!!! ellenleone26

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21-03-2007 20:06:04

[be578a8055d]ellenleone26[/be578a8055d] signed up and went green for me on,, and (all trainn sites). When I submitted my flashipod site for approval they locked [be578a8055d]ellenleone26[/be578a8055d]'s account and both of his other ones on the other two sites.

I asked Trainn about this in thier forum here and they responded with this
[ie578a8055d]"The person is a major scammer who did the same thing to numerous people. All of their accounts were closed and will not be re-opened so you will need to find a replacement."[/ie578a8055d](Train-Allan, http//

Any sugestions on what I should do? Am I able to file a complaint with paypal and send them all the information I have (PM's, paypal transaction, picture/email from the trainn sites...and so on)?



21-03-2007 20:16:16

Ah, man. that stinks. i've been scammed 3 or 4 times this week. It's hard not to pay someone on green, because no one wants to wait. she's went red on my site also.


21-03-2007 20:20:35

Yea, this week I have had 5 referals go red, one fixed it, but the rest are not responding. \


21-03-2007 20:47:12

I requested a refund in paypal, but I said that it was an item that was of lesser value than stated since there were no real categories that matched and paypal sent me a message saying they cannot issue a refund because they cannot issue refunds on attributes or quality of goods...

I am really not sure what to do now, I think I might email them and explain my situation. Any ideas?


21-03-2007 21:17:17

I advise that you call paypal's fraud center....I've had awesome experiences with speaking to a real person and they will send you everything you will need.....but this is fraud and paypal has been awesome for me. Good luck...and as hard as it is not to pay on green...I make anyone with less than 4TR wait until approval.


21-03-2007 21:49:23

Yup he got me too. Has anyone actually had success getting money back from scammers? Would love to hear how. Should I just call them and explain the entire ordeal-- because most people are skeptical of viral marketing in general and theres no way you can prove anything.


23-03-2007 00:35:23

[quote04798de083="bbrs"]Yea, this week I have had 5 referals go red, one fixed it, but the rest are not responding. \[/quote04798de083]

Wow, that's a lot of people going red on you x_x There seems to be a rather large increase of scammers out there recently.


23-03-2007 05:49:55

I think a lot of them -- probably the majority -- are newbies who get in over their heads, or who don't pay attention to the rules and TOS's of sites. Then when they go red, they either panic or think THEY got scammed by the site(s), and then flee the scene.

The huge influx of new people has been both a blessing and a curse for traders. With so many people coming in at once, it can be a referral goldmine, but there are going to be a certain number of scammers, and a certain number of ignorant/impatient/stupid folks who don't/won't make the effort to understand how things work.

As always, trade at your risk, realizing that said risk is heightened now with all the new blood.


23-03-2007 07:06:12

Yea i think I'm a start paying after approval i mean if they did everything right they got nothing to hide and should wait.


27-03-2007 10:05:01

i can't afford to pay on green yet, so it's probably a good thing i pay the majority of refs on approval. It's just safer that way.