is acting as a scammer

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20-03-2007 18:29:23

It doesn't look like he's very active on FiPG, but I wanted to put the word out to everyone. If he spams you, please report it so they can do something before he gets paid off.

I am about 99% convinced this guy is a scammer. He started out by spamming me on AIM (conversation below), and then I started to do some looking on the guy when he didn't want to give me any information.

He appears to be paying for greens, which in itself is fine, but he is promising to pay people more than a site pays out per ref. Now something tells me that just isn't going to work out for him, which tells me he's not going to pay.

I asked him how much he expects to make off of this paying that much, and he told me he only overpays for the last ref b/c he's impatient and he plans on making $20 per site. Well to me, $20 per site isn't worth the effort of getting referrals, so I asked him how old he actually was, and he blocked me on aim.

If you are in a trade w/ him, I would treat him as a scammer. Do no wait for approval w/ this guy, b/c I think he's going to only keep your money if you do. Here's the conversation I had w/ him

[quoteaa39e9aedf]Session Start (ilovetoys1234xlnepats12lx) Tue Mar 20 202212 2007
[2022] xlnepats12lx hello, im looking for referrals for (Link http//
I can do referral for referral or pay 45$
just sign up and complete a full credit worth of offers(some are half credit) then PM me back.
[2023] ilovetoys1234 bout you don't spam me....i'll be letting the ppl over at now though, so you're welcome in advanced...
[2023] xlnepats12lx i actually wasnt spamming you
[2023] xlnepats12lx that was hand written
[2023] xlnepats12lx and i read a message about u looking for money
[2024] ilovetoys1234 no you didn't....
[2024] ilovetoys1234 and spamming is anything unwanted
[2024] xlnepats12lx arnt u petrosyon?
[2024] ilovetoys1234 hmm....let's see...
[2024] ilovetoys1234 nope
[2024] xlnepats12lx oh geez
[2024] xlnepats12lx sry man
[2024] ilovetoys1234 i bet you are
[2024] xlnepats12lx i mixed u up with someone else
[2027] xlnepats12lx r u seriously going to be a jerk and tell 123?
[2027] ilovetoys1234 i don't really know why i shouldn't....that read like a spam message whether it was supposed to go to me or anyone else for that matter
[2028] xlnepats12lx dude
[2028] xlnepats12lx im serious i mixed u up with someone
[2028] ilovetoys1234 what forum you working off of?
[2028] xlnepats12lx y
[2029] ilovetoys1234 nm...i'll figure it out a second
[2029] lilili Auto-response from xlnepats12lx I am away from my computer right now.
[2030] ilovetoys1234 looks like probably FLR?
[2030] xlnepats12lx yup
[2030] xlnepats12lx ur good
[2030] ilovetoys1234 what's ur username?
[2030] xlnepats12lx y do u want to know?
[2031] ilovetoys1234 i'll figure it out if you want me to
[2031] xlnepats12lx k
[2040] ilovetoys1234 you know...actually i'm not gonna waste my time...why don't you just tell me, or i will for sure let 123 know
[2040] xlnepats12lx go right ahead
[2040] xlnepats12lx i just talked to them
[2041] ilovetoys1234 ok
[2042] ilovetoys1234 alrighty....i'll also make sure to post that your spamming from this name on the board too...
[2042] xlnepats12lx k
[2046] ilovetoys1234 ah...u work on fipg as well....i'll make sure i get to that too
[2046] xlnepats12lx k
[2057] ilovetoys1234 ....well at least you used the same names on both forums...
[2058] xlnepats12lx mhm
[2103] ilovetoys1234 how exactly can you pay $45/ref for that site anyway? the payout isn't even that high
[2104] xlnepats12lx i only pay 45 for the last one
[2104] xlnepats12lx just because im too anxious to wait
[2104] xlnepats12lx lol
[2105] ilovetoys1234 you're supposivedly paying $50 to someone else on FLR?
[2105] xlnepats12lx yea i am
[2106] ilovetoys1234 and you're paying $40 for other 123 sites...doesn't seem to be worth the time to be honest....
[2106] xlnepats12lx it is to me
[2107] ilovetoys1234 how much can you honestly expect to be making off of this?
[2107] xlnepats12lx idk 20$
[2108] ilovetoys1234 $ waste all your time getting a bunch of refs to make $ old are you?
[2109] lilili "xlnepats12lx" signed off at Tue Mar 20 210923 2007.
[2115] ilovetoys1234 hey
[2115] lilili Error while sending IM This user is currently not logged on[/quoteaa39e9aedf]

Also, here is the post on FLR about him. http//


21-03-2007 13:22:04

Update He's been banned over at FLR, and there's a complaint against him over at A4F as well, so watch out for him over here.


21-03-2007 19:20:46

yeah...he has spammed me here and at FLR...i noticed he is offering to pay more than the site itself...i reported him at both.


23-03-2007 13:28:58

He has been confirmed by Dave @ 123StuffForFree that this kid is only 15. Here's the thread about it on FLR http//


23-03-2007 17:54:59

Also banned at A4F