MLARKIN3.....NOT responding!

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19-03-2007 11:35:47

I traded a green for a green on February 22nd with MLARKIN3.....shortly after, he said he had to put in for a credit request....which is fine - it happens. However; I have pm'd in at least 4 times if not more, asking for an up-date - I know he has read all the pm's because they are in my "sent" folder - and he has not responded to any of them. Leads me to believe I am or have already been scammed.
I hate to ruin someones name by posting in the scammers section, but this person has left me no other choice. So, just a little FYI for everyone!


19-03-2007 11:56:29

wow thats horrible i cant believe you would post it did you PM a MOD first?


19-03-2007 17:09:07

I have done two trades with this person, one has passed approval the other is waiting for .2 credit. This trader has been very good at letting me know what is going on and even said if it doesn't credit today they would do another offer to get it completed. I don't think they are a scammer. I am sorry for your problems with him. Maybe if you contact a mod and they send him a pm you would get a response.


19-03-2007 17:26:50

I did a trade with him too. His green is still pending. So far I have had no problems with him though. He had great communication during our trade.


21-03-2007 19:42:43

I traded with him also around mid-febuary.
fast, easy, 10 minute problems at all and he passed approval.