Anybody get ripped off by Nanishi

Live forum:


19-03-2007 11:15:34

I did Zune for him and this was a long time ago. I have been sending him msgs. now for a month and he doesnt even read them. He told me he would pay me when he got approved and I have heard nothing or received no pmt. Did anybody else get ripped off by him? Beware!


19-03-2007 16:39:31

A. Did you PM a moderator about this?? That should be your first step.

B. Be aware that approval can take a long time, depending on how many refs he needs. But he should respond to PMs if you have sent any. Are they in your Outbox or your Sentbox?


19-03-2007 17:11:59

Outbox, they have not been read. asuperstar103


03-04-2007 06:29:52

Well I pmd a moderator right after my last post and still have heard nothing. Do moderators actually reply to their Pms. I have pmd moderators probably three times since being in this forum and have never received a response.

Still nobody but me got ripped off by this guy???? x