Anyone else have trouble with ballafolife2366?

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18-03-2007 12:52:12

This person left me a msg wanting to know if I'd help them out on a couple of their sites. So, being the honest person that I am, I let them know right up front that I was very new and that they may not want me to do this for them. Anyways, they wrote back and said that it was fine and that they'd love to help me out. I agreed and went to the first site, completed it and moved on to the second. But I discovered that I was not able to partake in the second site due to the fact that I had already answered most of the sponsers from previous sites, and the ones that I hadn't, I couldn't afford to do. So as politely as I could I wrote to this person and let them know that I completed the first site and was not able to do the other one for the reasons stated above, and that I was really sorry. Well, they wrote back and told me I didn't even complete one of them, which I believe to be crap! I'm starting to feel as if I'm being blown off by this person. But I also feel that I am entitled to get paid for at least the one site. I am currently still trying to get ahold of this person, but they so far have not contacted me back. I know that I should be getting paid $10, and even though it's only $10, that's still money that I "worked" for. I'm wondering if this person has given anyone else trouble similiar to mine. And wondering how nice I should be until I start taking more direct actions! Please help me out guys! Thanks.


18-03-2007 13:00:08

was your trade in the trade modual ? If not think of it as a lesson learned and try not to lose any sleep over it. Now if you want to trade with someone that will pay you pm me (Fred)


18-03-2007 13:03:15

I don't see it there... but I did everything I was supposed to, so maybe this person made a mistake somewhere along way.


18-03-2007 13:28:19

If it was in the Trade Module, you would have had to go in and click "confirm" to confirm it before clicking the link to go to his site. Anything that is confirmed in the Trade Module can be enforced (to the extent that the moderators can), but if it is not in the Trade Module, you may be out of luck. Life is a learning experience.