atd_i55 scammer

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16-03-2007 21:52:42

i been working on a site very hard, sent in for it. i told a addm. and a mod. i opened a support ticket they have more than 1 account on the same site. if any one wonts to see what the site said i will be glad to post. ithey greened then i greened and still got scammed twisted evil the site was 500.free4me


17-03-2007 22:48:19

has any one seen this trader will not pm or email me back would like some help here. he went red on my site. i am green on his or hers


18-03-2007 06:28:53

I'm curious to know why those things aren't caught right away when someone tries to sign up. Obviously they catch it when you turn your order in. Doesn't seem fair to those of us using the sites that wait to verify if a person has dup accounts.

I understand that it is part of the approval process. But don't the sites get paid for the referrals even if a scammer successfully completes the offers? Or do the sites refund the money to the companies after they determine someone violated their TOS? HUM?????

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18-03-2007 07:54:12

sorry I seem to have doulble post


18-03-2007 08:10:28

Just one of the perks of being a site owner. Just look at it as payment to the site owner for all the hard work of finding out these scammers and shining a light on them for us. (Fred)