Watch for GottaPlay!

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16-03-2007 09:24:18

evil I recently did an ad for Gotta Play. They were only supposed to charge $1.00 to try it for 10 days... well.... I checked my account and they took more than that! I'm in the process of trying to resolve this matter. I left them a not so nice email threatening to expose them if they didn't correct their goof up. As soon as I have any further info on this, I will be sure to let everyone know! Just be careful of them in the meantime!


16-03-2007 09:56:37

Hi OrionJas,

I think you may have jumped the gun...some companies charge the full amount up front and then the charge expires some time later, how much were you charged?


16-03-2007 13:49:57

Yes... I'm 100% sure they charged me up front, however I did not stay with the offer and was credited 100% right away...... customer service was very good.

unknown uchiha

16-03-2007 14:31:55

They charge you up front first and hold the payment until your trial is up. If you keep the service, they keep the charge. If you decide you don't like it and cancel, they refund it to you. I had to get them to manually refund me though.


16-03-2007 22:48:07

I was charged a total of $13.95. Thank you for letting me know that I may have jumped the gun... but I swore I went through the site and I don't remember reading that they charge maybe a month in advance or something.. anyways.. I really hope I made a mistake, and if I did, shame on me. Guess I'll really have to be careful in the future not to make the same mistake again.