imaisell gone red

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15-03-2007 17:27:36

imaisell went red on zeropricetags for having multiple accounts, and i have already paid him. he has 51 tr, but no posts.


15-03-2007 17:55:18

i traded with that trader yesterday for desktopcomputers i hope they dont go red cause i paid on green


15-03-2007 20:05:27

did u pm the guy?
did u contact a mod?
do both of those BEFORE posting here in the future. hope this gets resolved!


16-03-2007 07:05:59

same here... I hope he doesn't go red with me also! He did it for me on youipodnano4free went green quick also! Seemed like a good trader!


16-03-2007 07:22:27

We need more tips...just because someone has a good TR record..look at their join date...their post count...sadly to say that says a lot about the person.


16-03-2007 09:18:00

Actually I did pm him and we are working it out, I just thought I would see if maybe someone else had him as their zeropricetags ref to verify if he was scamming or not. It seems like this might have just been a mistake.


30-03-2007 19:48:18

Just so you guys know, he immediately had a friend who went green for me and stayed green through approval. Everything was worked out in the end, and I have no reason to believe he is a scammer.


30-03-2007 19:54:15


K Howard

17-05-2007 04:36:39

He scammed me on Zeropricetags and he is long gone.