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15-03-2007 17:11:33

hi all
heading to denver then vegas than the folks. I will be able to check the forum most days and check my status for nocc.ygf but will not be able to log into my account. i will not be able to use my paypal until i am at my folks 3/27.
Anyway, I had hoped to finish nocc.ygf but people do not follow thru with greens (


16-03-2007 13:17:40

note that i brought my laptop so i can use paypal )


16-03-2007 13:37:11

Denver is great. Have fun...


16-03-2007 13:40:23

thanks )
any recommendations?


16-03-2007 14:06:09

[quote7320aadb4c="jy3"]thanks )
any recommendations?[/quote7320aadb4c]

How long are you there? What are you interested in? I can definitely recommend a few things...


16-03-2007 17:15:31

gonna be there tomorrow until wednesday, then on to vegas. if i ever get out of albany tomorrow...

looking to bide the time while the wife is at a conference. not going to have a car, though. interested in anything )


16-03-2007 20:16:10

Have fun - but not too much fun. I don't think you can do Freebies from jail............

Seriously though, Denver's really nice, but if you can get to Steamboat Springs - it's beautiful. 'Course, I may be biased - my dad was from there.