listing paid greens as ITEMS in paypal?

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15-03-2007 06:30:34

Someone paid me for a green and listed it as an 'item' on my paypal description. Noone has ever done that on a trade with me and I want to know if I need to be worried about this particular trade.
I'm sure paypal would not consider cash for green as 'items'.
I'm keeping details of this trade just in case something foul transpires with my account.
Anybody have any bad experiences with this type of issue?


15-03-2007 06:34:07

He's probably doing it to protect himself.

It's basically impossible to prove your case if your transaction is for an intangible good, so a lot of folks categorize their trades as items.

I usually advise people to do this, so I can't really fault him at this point. Just be sure to keep accurate records and save all correspondence with him--but that should be routine anyway.


15-03-2007 06:52:38

So what protects Me from him saying his 'item' is defective or some such crap and getting a refund on the payment? I have to hope my records will suffice in that case I suppose.
I am certainly keeping documentation of all trade discussions and activities after that last trader scammed me for a green recently.
Hopefully paypal will come through if something twisted like that does happen with this one. Keeping hope alive all will be ok.
Thanks Keith )


15-03-2007 12:13:27

I know I do it, because if you go RED, I can try to get a refund. But if it's for intangible goods, it always goes the other way right away. So I put in GOODs so I can have a fighting chance...


16-03-2007 09:35:22

Thanks guys I never knew this. I will start doing this myself.(Fred)


16-03-2007 14:00:40

Well from my experiences with CC He paid me as an Item and filed a non receipt thing and lost. All it did was tie my paypal up for about ahh week or so and all i had to do was say intangible item and i won. So there is no real point because if you do file a claim then paypal will view it as a fraudulent claim so no matter what your SOL. Also the thing with me and Gabe about my paypal is still in review and they have said he wasn't the person based on Ip however it wasn't me and that it was odd that it was refunded to him so they are still investigating on that.

But back on topic. No matter what u do you shouldn't pay someone who goes red. And if you do best thing is just cut your loses.