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12-03-2007 18:49:08

I looked at my bank statement and there was a $99 charge on there to CJW holdings ,when i called they said it was for Hoodia,I had done an offer for Hoodia star from ccn but not this one when i called for my money back the lady literally laughed at me i went to do a search for CJW holdings and there are hundreds of posts on ripoff.com of people in the same boat some have said it is a bogus company it has where you or how you can get your money back but it won't go thru probably overloaded with complaints so please be careful
if you would like to see here is the site



12-03-2007 19:03:23

I had a hard time reading this without punctuation ... but it sounds like the real problem is with Hoodia, since they seem linked to this CJW Holdings. It is probably something that is buried deep within the TOS for Hoodia, and people overlook it because of that.

Sorry this happened to you (and so many others, it seems), but that's why you want to read everything before you sign up for an offer, especially something that seems shady to begin with (like a diet pill that is not approved by the FDA...)