makingdeals209 is good

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11-03-2007 15:00:18

Makingdeals209 is a scammer i went green and then she/he said dont sign up i have my referrals so watch out after i went green. Makingdeals209 is not a scammer i just did not know what i was doing.
It's all good now. I went green for someone else for the same site at the same time and got lost.


11-03-2007 15:01:05

Hah i knew it the user copied my topic word for word earlier trying to trick people.


11-03-2007 15:09:24

bobnh6, in the future, please PM a moderator before opening a thread in the Scammers section.

Can you prove that you signed up under his link? If you are green, please take a screenshot and send it to me.

gmario, if you post in this thread again, you'll be temp-banned for 7 days.


14-03-2007 17:38:10

Glad this was resolved.