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10-03-2007 10:37:57

Ok.. so I am fairly new to this, but I understand the gist and I have been making money-- my problem is I don't know how to go about this situation.

I have a trade set up with hello57, it was a V-bux offer and I have gone green, and he has not been responding to any of my e-mails. He sent me an e-mail a while back via my yahoo address, and I replied giving him an update to the situation. I have since then gone green and it has been well over a week, almost two now to be exact. Isn't he obligated to pay me since I've done my part of the deal? I just need some guidance, and if anything-- anyone who reads this; don't do trades with that guy, he's gonna scam you...

Any info would be great.. thanks!


10-03-2007 10:40:30

Contact a mod.


10-03-2007 11:26:40

Yeah, contact a mod, also, you should edit out v-bux from your title because it makes it sound like v-bux is scamming you, when they're not doing anything. And yes, he is obligated to pay you.


10-03-2007 11:34:05

Thanks for the info.. I'll edit.. (thanks for that heads up too.. ) lol


10-03-2007 13:44:09

Side note, was the trade for on green or approval? If approval, he might not me done with the site yet.


10-03-2007 16:00:02

[quote82caf04c76="givmea1032"]Side note, was the trade for on green or approval? If approval, he might not me done with the site yet.[/quote82caf04c76]

Our trade says, "Paying $40 for apple.v-bux"

That's all.


12-03-2007 18:29:13

[quote4d19a113ac="NykiFox"][quote4d19a113ac="givmea1032"]Side note, was the trade for on green or approval? If approval, he might not me done with the site yet.[/quote4d19a113ac]

Our trade says, "Paying $40 for apple.v-bux"

That's all.[/quote4d19a113ac]

That is exactly why you need to spell out the details more clearly on the trade module. If the other trader is initiating the trade, and you don't feel it's clear enough, you are free to PM them and have them fix it before you confirm. Trade details should specify site(s), $$ (if any), and timing details (on green, on approval, within 30 days, etc).

Life is a learning experience.



15-03-2007 10:14:48

I have also turned green for hello57 and have not heard from him in two weeks. Funny how he first pm you and then emails you via a yahoo address once you are about to turn green. He emails you every day until you turn green and then stops. Beware of this guy!


16-03-2007 07:46:01

Well if you guys noticed that guy has 0Karma 0TR and 0 post, now may i ask why you would do a site with someone like that? i know $40 is temtping when your new but next time try being more careful.


29-03-2007 07:23:14

I beleive this guy is a scammer also. I have done a trade for $20 for this guy but have not heard from him for some time now. The terms were on approval but if you are waiting for something why not communicate. I have done stuff for others on approval and they let me know what was going on.

I only traded with this guy to help him with his TR I should have taken payment first but I did not know I can do that. Also he did pm me once saying something like no one will trade with him because of his low TR.