Referral put on hold

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09-03-2007 18:51:36

I had a referrel put on hold on Referrals4NoCash after I had paid them. I changed my gift so I needed less refs than the previous gift. What are my options to recoup the paypal payment I sent this user. (user is together423) I have pmed the user and asked how we can resolve this.



09-03-2007 18:56:53

I would say give it a few days to see if they respond back, seeing how they just joined 2 days ago, and if after a few days you still haven't heard anything or been paid, then PM a mod.


09-03-2007 18:57:41

if you don't get in contact with him or you can't reach an agreement, pm the mods and let them help you. hopefully it was set up in the trade module so there is proof of the terms. (


09-03-2007 19:07:10

It has been taken care of. He was very helpful and professional about the whole thing. Thanks for the input.