[b]visajoe1[/b] SCAMMED ME

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06-03-2007 18:28:49


We Had a Deal i would go green for him 2dollardeal ... he said he would check and pay me 15$ the next morning and ... ive sent numerous emails to him and yet no response back...

its been about 2 weeks now



06-03-2007 18:39:39

A. Have you PMd a moderator about all of this??? That should be your first step, then you post here as a last resort, or if you have information that is relevant to everyone.

B. Was the payment time specified in the details of the Trade Module (I assume you know to only trade in the TM, otherwise you have no proof)?? If it did not specify when you would be paid, you may have to wait.

C. Are your PMs still in your Outbox (unread) or are they in your Sentbox (read)??? If they are unread, he may have had an emergency that has kept him offline for a while.


06-03-2007 21:49:36

how do i pm a moderator


06-03-2007 21:58:27


That's the list of mods. Just go to their profile and click on Send PM.

Best bet would be theysayjump, doylena, admin, keithA, wolfman, or tholek.