don't trade with Jesusfreak

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05-03-2007 12:49:57

After making a trade deal more than a week ago, Jesusfreak never responded to any of my PMs asking for an update.

After he didn't even sign up to my site, I PM'd and asked him to tell me what the deal was or I'd cancel the trade.

No response. Canceled trade.

Then he just PMs me today and asks me to do some other site for him!!! Without even mentioning the other trade.

BEWARE everyone. do NOT trade with Jesusfreak. Terrible, terrible trader.

He is obviously trying to do some sort of scamming because he reads PMs but doesn't respond to them.


05-03-2007 12:56:47

What a shame, with a handle like that!


05-03-2007 13:03:51

he's still on the forums

he read my PMs again and no response

I have his referral links if he screws anyone or goes red, we'll get his accounts on hold


05-03-2007 14:06:08

i did a trade with him about a month ago and he went green and passed approval for me. did you pay him? if not i wouldn't worry too much about it, just get another ref.


05-03-2007 20:07:44

He screwed me over too. I did his site and he never returned the favor.


06-03-2007 04:58:15

[quote976de7cd01="skateboardP"]He screwed me over too. I did his site and he never returned the favor.[/quote976de7cd01]

You should PM a moderator about it. If you had it set up in the Trade Module (and I assume you're smart enough not to trade outside the TM), they will require him to finish his end of the deal.



06-03-2007 15:06:19

He went green for me with not problems


06-03-2007 20:57:45

Thanks for the heads up, I was thinking about completeing a site here in a couple days, I'll be sure to watch out for him!!!