Very behind...

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05-03-2007 11:25:47

I received a tempban for 'threadcrapping' and I fell behind on a lot of referrals I was going to do. I am awaiting payment from one trader, then I will continue. I don't actually owe anybody, just holding off and getting some of my completed trades together.

BTW, I think a 7 day ban was a little excessive doylnea, I am a new trader and flooded with offers and a simple warning would've fixed the problem. One week away did nothing but hinder my current trades and cause people to lose greens and money (some of them were on a 2day green deal). Just a bit of constructive criticism, keep your eye out for the REAL troublemakers...although I am sorry for 'threadcrapping'.


05-03-2007 11:33:45

lOl if it makes you feel any better i got banned for 5 days when i was new for bumping my topic in the trading post lol Its rules just read them and follow them and you should be fine 8)


05-03-2007 12:28:31

I guess on the bright side, the ban is over now ^^


05-03-2007 12:32:41

[quoteedc76dbe99="ghstlegacy17"]I guess on the bright side, the ban is over now ^^[/quoteedc76dbe99]

Well, it was a stupid remark I made, so I guess I can refrain from that in the future.