itunes is a scammer

Live forum:


04-03-2007 11:30:27

his name is jonathan and hell be coming to a forum near you soon, he got me so watch out


04-03-2007 17:49:08

what exactly did he do to you and what was his username on other forums?

LOL, sorry to laugh but the name of this topci is " itunes is a scammer" change it to what the guy actually did.


04-03-2007 17:53:27

Specifics are good if you are going to accuse someone of being a scammer. Does he have a username??? I know lots of people named Jonathan.


04-03-2007 18:07:50

I posted about this guy http//


04-03-2007 18:09:30

i did some looking around and this guys a string of ailieses as log as my arm ,so its not a new thing his dad posted a thread at a4f saying he would pay back any money if you had proof , so i sent him the trade ,and a copy of my pp , in about 2 minutes he had put the money back in my acc, from what i can tell the kis name is johnathan cooper