christophjc [Unresponsive]

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04-03-2007 10:23:58


I never like to post a thread here but well sometimes there is no other way.

I have a trade running with christophjc 45$ for
I send him the money since I have lower TR.
Last contact was on Feb 27th. He registered on the site told me that he will do Video Prof, True and Homerewards but till now he did not even click on the offers (Got this information from the FCA Admin.)

Thats all for now, tried to contact him via PM,AIM and Mail only saw him once online on AIM I think.

Best wishes


04-03-2007 15:27:13

I'm sure you're getting frustrated, but it is only 5 days. maybe he had an emergency come up. I'd keep up with it, but patience is very important here.

PM a moderator with the details so they can keep an eye out for him.


05-03-2007 01:53:47

The last times I waited more than 3 days for other people to respond I got scammed over $350.

I know it may happen something that he cannot be online but my experience is saying something different.