Someone else like's to use ntfireballs on FLR

Live forum:


04-03-2007 03:22:47

I tryed to sign-up on FreeLuncRoom today, and it told me that my username was already being used.... at first I thought this wired, so I tryed my old handy back-up screen name, nfireball8, so here I am browsing the forum and seing that he has posted many trades on the forum, and is working up a bad rep in my name ntfireballs, I even met up with someone who worked with this fruader and she said that she did a deal as a newbooie, and he screwed her over. The only reason I wanted to go there was because of the influx of newbies, I wanted a piece of the action, but now I'm worried about my name being scared on this forum, fo anyone who come here and see's the same username ntfireballs, and refuses to do trade with me, I've been trying to contact this other trader on the oter site, but with no luck.... damn.


04-03-2007 06:59:53

Have you contacted someone in charge on the other site about it??