Beware... 4370arw not paying

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02-03-2007 05:51:34

User name 4370arw is not wanting to follow through with paying for our trade. Was suppose to be paid 4 days ago. Keeps saying he will do it "today", but today never comes.


02-03-2007 06:02:40

Just out of curiosity, he has a TR of 0 and you have a 15. Why did you go first?? I know technically you're allowed to, but I would NEVER go first with a newbie with a TR0. Too easy to get scammed.

Has he been reading your PMs or are they still in your Outbox?? If he has read them, I would PM a moderator. If he hasn't, he may be gone for good........ or maybe something happened and he hasn't made it online for several days.

Hope it works out for you.


02-03-2007 06:39:13

Yeah, i know..i should not have gone first, but at first we were going to trade sites. I did .5 offer on his site, and told him i would finish it when he did my site, so then he said he was really busy and he would just paypal me the money if i would go ahead and green. So....i did. That was on Sunday night. I chatted with him on AIM last night and he said he was sending the paypal today (yesterday, Thursday) I told him if it was not done yesterday i would post here. He is getting my PM's, they are gone from my outbox and he is also chatting with me on AIM as of last night.


02-03-2007 13:28:52

was it set up in the trade module? i only do trades that get set up in the module and i make sure all the details of the trade are on there also (afer approval, trade for xxx site, ) and i stick to those terms. that way the mods can see what the trade was confirmed for and you cover your butt to boot.


02-03-2007 18:22:29

Your not the only one. He promised $50 for a green on Hotgifts4you on the day after I went green because he was cashing out. I set up the trade to read that he was suppose to pay on 2/25 and I haven't seen payment. I did email a moderator and I also let Hotgifts4you know and he had already cashed out. He was on here yesterday and has read all of my PM's and has not responded since Monday. Then tried to get me to do another site for him and says he won't pay until I do the other site even though it wasn't part of our original trade. I know, I know I should have followed the rules and not traded with someone with less than 5+, I have always learned the hard way.


02-03-2007 19:54:43

He did the same to me just now greg40. Said he would not pay unless i did his other site and he just informed me he did not care if we got a mod involved because he already changed his user name!!! GOd, i hate scammers!!!!!!


02-03-2007 20:30:20

I am chatting with 4370arw right now. He says he is trying to make good on the trades...ive given him till Tuesday to pay, so i will wait till then before i persue further action.


03-03-2007 07:12:52

Definately get a moderator involved ASAP if you have not already. And to restate the important guidelines -

1. ALWAYS make sure your trade is listed in the Trade Module, with as much detail as possible. If the other trader initiates, and you don't feel it's specific enough, request them to re-do it.

2. Beware of trading with people with a TR of less than 4 (or even 10). That said, let me say I have traded with many, many newbies and have almost always had good results, but they always go first. I know it's a process when you're getting started, but it will come.

3. Feel free to PM a moderator any time you don't feel things are going right (mods - sorry if I am overstepping my bounds, but I think this is how you feel also??), but avoid posting in Scammers until you have tried other options first.

If you have questions or would like advice, feel free to PM me anytime. I am always glad to help new people out.



03-03-2007 22:58:07

Yeah other people are having problems. I will limit access to trading and PM 4370arw and if he doesn't respond within 24 hours he is permabanned...


04-03-2007 10:38:51

He claims you agreed to let him pay by Tuesday, is that true?


04-03-2007 17:31:11

You are not his referral anymore. He has been placed on hold and you have 100 dollars/free green.

sorry to hear about this.


04-03-2007 18:15:20

Yes Wolfeman, that is true! That is why i have not PM'ed a mod yet. I have given him till Tuesday. Thanks for your help!


07-03-2007 07:02:33

4370arw did not pay on Tuesday as he had said he would in his last pm on Sunday.


07-03-2007 07:53:35

No pay here either....chatted with him on AIM last night and he was expecting a payout from somewhere that was suppose to come by 10pm.... but nothing from him yet (


07-03-2007 08:00:29

well i don't know how you guys fell for that trick of someone paying $50 paypal for a green lol since some posts like that r from people who are just trying to rip and dip lol


07-03-2007 12:46:27

Well, thanks for the encouragment there gmario! It's not nice to kick someone when they are down


07-03-2007 13:10:35

[quote8bce418f1f="mamamia"]Well, thanks for the encouragment there gmario! It's not nice to kick someone when they are down[/quote8bce418f1f]

I didn't mean to sound rude i was just being honest on what i have been seeing and reading on the forums


07-03-2007 17:39:01

So does 4370arw get a deadline now to pay us or get banned? How does it work since he didn't follow through on paying by Tuesday?


07-03-2007 17:48:07

I am going to ban him very soon. Sorry I can't do more (


07-03-2007 17:51:16

Thanks wolfeman! Lesson learned from this side (


07-03-2007 19:17:26

Thanks. I will never fall for that one again.