Does "Time Life Ultimate Love Songs" ever credit?

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28-02-2007 16:31:08

If this is not the right forum for this, I apologize.

I recently tried to get credit for Time Life Ultimate Love Songs over on Sonyvbux. But since then I have heard that no one gets credit for doing this offer. Does anyone here know anything about this?


28-02-2007 18:30:44

yep, i did it and gave it to my wife


28-02-2007 18:58:46

Can you give details on this offer, jy3? How much? Am I required to become a member? Do I have to buy more CDs? Any info is appreciated.


01-03-2007 04:49:17

Got the credit, got the CD, really like it. No further obligation to buy, but the CDs are really good.


PS And, no, this is not the right section for this - "help" would have been alot better. Mods, can we move the thread??


01-03-2007 14:55:07

I got the credit for the Time Life Ultimate Love Songs. The reason I started this thread is because I read this

http// .

Here is a general guide on how to almost 100% guarantee that you will get credit for any offers you complete on any Freebie site!
I personally tested this theory and method on "Bullseye-media's" I did 11 offers there, 10 of which have been "approved." [bab4197ed09]The only one that was not approved was "Time Life Song Songs CD" which I have yet to read of someone receiving credit for. [/bab4197ed09]

And then I got worried. But apparently everything is fine with that offer now.