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27-02-2007 17:10:13

so i am new.. as it seems many are .. and i keep seeing these posts about peoples credit cards being stolen and used.. this worries me what can i do to prevent this.. i just want to do greens for some cash for people.. what is the best way to go about this.. like i said i am just getting started and this is all somewhat still a little confusing



27-02-2007 17:12:06

well, you can get a prepaid card to be sure you're not going to be charged extra

and you look for ppl with high TR, they are usually ok to trade with

p.s. me lol

any questions, just ask )


27-02-2007 17:13:50

Again Do not post in the scammer section. If you need help there is a help section on FIPG (freeipodguide). This section is only for reporting Scammers, people who are going away and problem traders.


27-02-2007 17:17:16

sorry..i thought i did post it on "help" and not "scammers"


27-02-2007 17:18:53

[quotea42e6a2502="saj050286"]sorry..i thought i did post it on "help" and not "scammers"[/quotea42e6a2502]

thats alright, next time look twice before posting wink


28-02-2007 16:14:24

Make sure you get a pm from them before you do anything to help with identity verification. Also, never do any trading without going through the trade module. Make sure they confirm the trade before you start working on offers for them. Combine this with a good TR and you should be well on your way to cutting the chances of being scammed dramatically. Happy greening!


28-02-2007 18:31:40

some of us have great track records. if u want to do nocc.ygf pm me )


28-02-2007 18:35:21

Even if someone has a high TR, they could have gotten that in a few's possible...look at their join date, usually says a lot. I started out by trading with mods, always went smooth )


28-02-2007 22:30:20

To start off, look for people who have been around a bit and look at their feedback too (look at mine and PM me if you want some help - I need a green).

Just don't trade with anyone whose TR is below 4.


28-02-2007 23:05:49

Look at the persons Trade Record (TR) on the left side of the page. The higher, the better.