nomoreipod is a scammer.

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25-02-2007 17:41:27

he said his CC needed to be verified/validated or w/e. and he said its taking paypal 2-5 days. now i have no idea if that's really how long it takes, but he has been out of contact for a while. anyone know where he is?


25-02-2007 18:31:13

I know when I verified my PayPal it took a couple of days - had to go through my bank & stuff.

I have no idea if that's the case here or not. How long has he been out of contact???



25-02-2007 18:48:38

Yeah, verification of account does take a couple of business days though he should keep you up to date about how things are going. Let it pan out a little while longer and see what happens.


25-02-2007 19:13:36

arrite thanks, cuz he hasn't been on for a while


01-03-2007 20:15:15

anyone know where he's at?


07-03-2007 09:12:28

Anyone hear anymore from this guy? Or did he just flake out?


07-03-2007 09:45:50

I spoke to an admin and he hasn't signed on in a week or more.
He owes me $44. I was told it was a paypal issue, but haven't heard back yet. Scammer?


19-03-2007 09:13:25

^ Yes, scammer, i've been put on hold for his istuff.freepay on my request so that he can't get his money. =D but he is a scammer.


11-04-2007 18:52:22

Please admin's what can you do about this issue? If you ban him, then we have no way of contacting him (even though he hasn't signed on in a while)


12-04-2007 14:23:07

last visit Fri Mar 02

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