how long is too long to wait for a green?

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23-02-2007 20:02:44

(all hypothetically speaking of course)

Let's say I buy numerous greens (all from noobs; all paid on approval)

A few refs are just not going green. Claim they did everything right, but are not getting credit and are holding everyone else up. couple weeks go by and still not green. Other noobs are getting restless (picture chanting and torches) - want their money.

What is a fair amount of time to wait for a green when there are other traders waiting for the account to be submitted? At what point do you cut them off and give their spots away? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?

I once had a crediting problem with an offer, and I knew I was holding everyone up, so I felt bad and did another offer. Weeks later I got credit for my original offer, but tough. That's the game we all play and I deal with it. I felt better wasting another offer, than holding everyone up and not fullfilling my end of the bargain in a timely fashion even though it may have not been my fault.

Should I
a. thell them that we've all waited long enough (I'm thinking 2 weeks), give their spots away, and submit without them. If they go green after I've submitted, they won't get paid. tough.

b. Pay the ones that have gone green even though they haven't approved, yet and give the others more time to go green?

c. Tell everyone to just deal with it and wait even longer.

d. something else.

Just trying to find out what the standard procedure around here is. This hasn't actually happened yet, but I'm just trying to find out what everyone else has done in this situation.


23-02-2007 20:11:15

Unless you specifically gave a timeline in the trade module, you are stuck waiting for the people to finish. The people who are restless for you to submit will also just have to wait, if that's what they agreed to do. However, if you specified that you wanted this done in XXX time, then the people have to abide by that.

Also, this belongs in help, not scammers & problems.

Basically, as long as the people who haven't greened are in contact, and you didn't spell out a time frame, then you should just wait for them to go green. If the people who are green and waiting have increased their TR, or you trust them not to be scammers, then you could just go ahead and pay them. Although if they agreed to wait, then they should be willing to wait.

Hope this helps.


24-02-2007 08:20:44



05-03-2007 23:08:23

I just wanted to add a thought for those waiting for their greens - I am a newbie here but have done some sites, at the time I have 2 trades that are waiting for me manual credit. After completing the offers (correctly) I still did not receive credit, in both cases I received .5 credit for offer but the other did not credit, and yes I cleared my cookies in between. But anyway some manual credit you can ask for until 7 days, then it may take up to 15 business days to credit. One site only allows you 1 time to submit and only if all rules have been met about submission so you need to be very careful as far as time is concerned. So it may take up to 21 business days on some sites. Unless a time frame was stated, I think we need to have some patience. Ultimately we all want to either get the green or go green and I think we need to have a little faith in those in the forum, especially if they are waiting to get paid, they really want to get the green quick. OK I am done voicing my opinion. Thanks for listening to me vent.


06-03-2007 00:59:24

Some sites have up to a 30 day processing time frame for manuel credits to process. I had one site that didn't credit 2 offers and I hac to request the manuel credits. Because of their time frames I did additional offers to clear the trade.


06-03-2007 05:03:58

Best bet - if time is of the essence (or even if you just don't like to wait), when you write out the trade details in the TM, specify "Green in 3 weeks" or whatever works for you.

I actually have one that is "Green in 72 hours" because it is a site I had just about done, then one ref backed out and I needed it done quick. But I offered a big bonus, so don't think I'm being mean to my trading partner.

But, unless you have specified something, you have to wait however long it takes. Yes, you can replace them, but if they green eventually, you'll have to pay them.