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23-02-2007 11:39:07

I did a trade with him for gift monkey, he was supposed to pay me $36. I contacted him several days later, he said he hadn't been on and was going to pay me. That was the 16th. Have not heard from him since and no payment.


23-02-2007 11:40:33

first pm a moderator and then let it go from there.


23-02-2007 11:47:53

Thanks, I just did it.


23-02-2007 12:28:37

Report him to giftmonkey also, just in case they'll do anything. I'm glad you posted about this creep since I've been reluctant to be the first one, but he scammed me too. Won't even bother to lie to me about it, just ignores my pm's. I know he's been online since, so he's a definite lowlife. Do a search on the scammer forum using his email name as shown on giftmonkey, (I should post it here, but i won't for a few days) and you'll wish you had done it earlier on. I've reported him to a moderator and to giftmonkey. He's been exposed and banned before from this site. I'm thinking about cutting my nose off to spite my face and go red on my giftmonkey points. I won't have him profiting off me.


26-02-2007 11:54:57

I also reported him to giftmonkey through a support ticket a couple of days ago and received a reply from them today saying his account has been shut down on there.


26-02-2007 12:36:58

crazy karl 419 scammed me too! I waited for a few days for him to respond and he finally did, saying that he had been out of town and that he was sorry. He then asked if I wanted to do any more offers for him, so I did one more, and he said he wanted to pay me for them all at once to save on Paypal fees...and the story ends just like everyone else here. I got the same reply from GiftMonkey today. At least he didn't get credit for scamming us.