harrynuggets is A REAL PROBLEM

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22-02-2007 20:16:45

This is the message I sent to him
Hi I am ----- and I just wanted to give you a salutation, and let you know that if you needed any help or had questions to feel free to ask.This can seem a little complicated at first.Make sure you read the rules and the trade tutorial.I had to read them again after my first trade. Also I am paying $$ for someone to complete a site for me.Good Luck!


22-02-2007 20:17:33

Don't bother, he's just here to inflate his e-penis.


22-02-2007 20:18:21

From harrynuggetss1
To tspa
Posted Thu Feb 22, 2007 1109 pm
Subject Re Hi welcome to the forum
eat my dick you fucking worthless peice of dog shit!


22-02-2007 20:20:10

I should have edited that,I am so sorry!!!! I was a littl upset


22-02-2007 20:21:00

Also, he's going after TSJ; he even posted a scammer thread on him.


22-02-2007 20:29:37

don't worry...he'll be banned soon


22-02-2007 20:29:52

tspa, I don't want to be mean but did you really expect the guy to say anything kind like "Sure, I'll do free refs for you!" I'm sure you'll get good karma for trying to be nice but it's not the greatest approach to e-thugs.


22-02-2007 20:33:49

No not at all,I am too naive.And probably too new.I just had such a hard time figuring it out at first.I just thought,I do not know what I thought.At least he is honest about the size of his balls!!!


22-02-2007 20:49:01

He's an idiot, and he's banned, and I cleaned up the worst of his posts. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him, but fortunately it takes very little effort to re-ban him, so if he's got nothing better to do with his sad little life, then...