got scammed

Live forum:


21-02-2007 15:12:00

This is my first week trading. My very first trade happened last week and I completed the offer and haven't heard anything from them since. what should I do?????


21-02-2007 15:15:54

Well protocol is to wait 14-days but me personally, i keep up with my traders at least every other day. If after 14 days u hear nothin then u were more then likely taken for a ride. Maybe u give name to a moderator and they can straighten it up


21-02-2007 15:21:25

I keep emailing and pm'g her/him. Nothing. I'll wait another week and maybe something will happen. Thanx


21-02-2007 15:45:58

PM a moderator with the details and they can look into it. Actually, that should be done FIRST, before posting here (READ the rules!!!)