Easy 20 - read if you received a PM

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19-02-2007 18:30:18

Easy 20 has been spamming new users via PM, assuring them that he will send PayPal once they green. If they are interested, he sends his referral link without ever explaining how to use the trade module.

Though it can't be proven immediately that he was planning to scam, the odds that he will pay are not favorable.

His access to the trade module has been revoked and he is unable to send any more PMs.

If you have received a PM from him with his referral link, I strongly discourage you from clicking on it. If you have already clicked on it and completed an offer, please PM me with the referral link you used.

I'm withholding banning him pending an explanation, but for the time being, do not trade with this person.

Edit Just clarified a few things in the interest of factual accuracy.


20-02-2007 07:00:45

i just sent a msg to this person but did not trade so far. i guess i am safe, i will take care henceforth. thanks.


21-02-2007 10:41:19

Per your suggestion I'm alerting you that I am a newbie (jks124) and have completed a trade for Easy20 at http//www.youripodnano4free.com/index.php?ref=3758719 for which I have not been paid and requests for a status report have been ignored. I'm not requesting any assistance (it's a lesson learned and I should have read the available posts more thoroughly) but your post seemed to indicate that this is the proper procedure. I'll investigate but if you could instruct me in the procedure for cancelling the trade I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


21-02-2007 10:52:19

Please do not post referral links. If you want to show which site and referral ID he is, please just say, "youripodnano4free.com, referral ID 3758719".