Trade that isn't completed

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18-02-2007 21:08:48

I was wondering, if you start a trade for cash and you complete the offer and go green, then are awaiting their approval for your payment, and the other trader is DQ'd from the site you did the referral for them on, should that trader still have to pay you for doing the site since it is not your fault they were disqualified? Sorry for the run on question there but one of my friends had this happen and just told me about it and I told them they should have gotten paid for completing the offer. The trade was done on this site about 3 1/2 weeks ago. Please let me know. This is the first time I have heard of this happening and would like to know for myself also.


18-02-2007 23:47:06

So you are saying you did a site for person A, and person A was put on hold, and now person A doesn't want to pay you because HE went on hold? If thats the case, then he should still pay you.


19-02-2007 16:50:06

I didn't do the site, my friend did but I got my friend involved in freebies and this was their first trade. And since I wrote this post, I have found out that person A has been banned from the other forum for the controversy regarding the disqualification from the site my friend completed the offer for him on.


19-02-2007 18:00:50

Yes, they should, it is kind of hard to understand what you are saying, here is it summed up

Your friend did a site for a trader and greened fine, then the traded went red so your green is worthless to him.

If that's what he's saying, then yes, he still must pay you. Your friend did their part perfectly and he is the one that cheated his way through. If he doesn't pay him/her he'll be banned from here, too. Sorry, but there isn't much you can do (