credit cards stolen....

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18-02-2007 14:30:00

i got a call today from my credit card companies
and both of my credit cards that i have used to do offers with
have been compromised. someone tried to use them at some
online store called set back and then at bed, bath, & beyond.
this really sux. now i have no credit cards, both were canceled
and it upsets me that my info. was stolen. it had to have happened at
one of the offers that i did b/c thats the only place that i used them at online.

just thought that i would let everyone know...
and be careful and guard your info.


18-02-2007 14:44:21

There are many of these posts already. Also, what offers have you done?


18-02-2007 15:06:22

here is a list of all the offers that i have done. this is since i started just a couple weeks ago. the ones below the free credit report are the ones that i've done in the past few days. up until i did those, i have not had a problem. i did those on primodinerocash, primohousewares, and dell v-bux. i'm not saying that it happened at one of these sites, i just don't see any other way.

grant writer pro.
advantage language
blockbuster online
video professor
juvio cream.
ebay onramp(internet speedway)
Carleton Sheets
Passport to Fun+
Bargain Network.
my smile pro credit report)
ultima smile
body shape
new york times
thin tabs
stop smoking resolution


18-02-2007 15:17:22

everyone i've seen that this has happened to has listed in their offers they have completed....not saying....just saying...

i've also heard plenty of other who completed gottaplay without any problems. Everyone having problems needs to post in the same thread and list the offers they have done!