jsolochek. on hold and hasn't been on or read any of my pm's

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12-02-2007 19:49:45

he's on hold for one of my sites paypal.2dollardeal.com. anyone know where he's at?


12-02-2007 19:50:38

no...he confirmed 3 trades but never signed up for any as far as i know...


12-02-2007 19:56:08

Oh hold for me as well for gaming.free4me, I would guess he's gone, he never answered my pm to him.


13-02-2007 09:12:02

That guy was supposed to sign up under me and didn't confirm the trade or sign up for about 10 days. I cancelled the trade because I found the last referrals that I needed and then he left me this ridiculously malicious PM about how I need to stop putting all my eggs in one basket and how he should ask for referrals if he's just going to cancel them....

What a jerk!


13-02-2007 09:29:27

Both jakesolochek and jsolochek have had their trade module access limited. They are apparently father and son, trading from the same house.

Nether appears to be making any effort to resolve the complaints about them.


13-02-2007 15:40:21

Ive talked to both of these guys on AIM in the last couple of days. They are on hold at visadollardeal and gaming.free4me. Ive been trying to get my money back so I hadnt gone this route yet with the scammer post. Still trying but I figure im probably gonna get screwed here.


17-02-2007 16:40:17

He confirmed my trade, went yellow at my site and then clicked on Request TR in the Trade Module without completing any offers. He has only replied to me once, on 2/5/07. The 14 days waiting period will be up on the 19th when I will ask ask to have his confirmation deleted.


08-03-2007 19:02:14

Just for an update, jakesolochek actually did return my money. It took forever and I had to file a paypal dispute, but hey whatever I got my money.


19-03-2007 09:11:53

oh alright. well he's still on hold and since i didn't pay him, its a failed trade =[