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12-02-2007 05:02:03


The agreement was he pays me $20 upon my going green.

[li92a47a2a36]He set up the trade 103056am PST 02/10/07
[li92a47a2a36]I clicked on his link for 250.free4me
[li92a47a2a36]I completed an offer and went green within 25 minutes and some seconds (exactly 105502am PST 02/10/07 - all before the hour ends)
[li92a47a2a36]I sent him a pm immediately after giving him my PayPal information of where to send the payment to.
[li92a47a2a36]He logs in the next day pming me asking me what my PayPal address is.
[li92a47a2a36]I then log into AIM and tell him I had already sent him my PayPal address and letting him know that the pm I sent him sat in my outbox until he logged in which it then delivered the same day he logged in and pm'ed me claiming he didn't have my PayPal address. He responds with "Huh?" and I reply saying you are Jeremy1987 and give him the link of the profile I got the AIM ID from. Did I get a reply after that? Nope. I stayed logged in for several hours and he never replied.

[li92a47a2a36]I sent him the AIM conversation via pm which sat in my outbox until he logged into FiPG and also added AGAIN my PayPal information. He's logged into FiPG however has still refused to pay me. I've been green for a long time.

[li92a47a2a36]I log into AIM and ask him what's causing the delay and that he needs to pay me. I also tell him that lack of communication is very bad and that I suggest he start communicating with me. And I got no reply. I'm still logged into AIM and still no reply.[/listu92a47a2a36]

Question, which mod is best to pm regarding this member who just won't pay me nor communicate with me? I've held up my end of the bargain in under 30 minutes. He said he'd pay me [b92a47a2a36]upon[/b92a47a2a36] green and yet he refuses to pay. Believe me, if he said he'd pay me after 24 hours of going green (or even within 24 hours of going green) I would have never even done the trade with him. I'm may be new here as far as trading goes but I'm not new to trading and being an honest and legit referral to people. I expect to get paid as quick as I green. That's my track record with people on I green fast and am honest. Most of my trades are done via YIM since that forum isn't set up like this one. I do these sites helping people get the referral they need and in return the pay me immediately after going green. I do not like AIM but seems like the messenger commonly used on here.

What do I do now that he has literally breached the deal and a possible scammer? He's got great comments on his profile but there isn't any dates of when the last comment was posted. So he may very well have BEEN doing this or just now starting to scam people. Like I said can't really tell since there isn't any dates when comments are posted on the profile. [b92a47a2a36]All I do know [/b92a47a2a36][u92a47a2a36]is he hasn't paid me like he said he would and refuses to communicate.[/u92a47a2a36]

Help, please. Thanks.


12-02-2007 08:04:35

Are you sure your agreement was for "instant" payment??? I think it may be a little extreme to call him a scammer after less than 36 hours........ Perhaps in the future you should be clear that you expect to be paid right away.



12-02-2007 08:35:36

1st off, before making a rant like this, your to contact a mod to work out the problem.....

2nd, give it some time. Could have been issues with PayPal. I've had one issue before where my bank transfer took longer than it was supposed to. I did, however, notify all refs about that issue.....

He should have contacted you if there was an issue though, but opening a scam thread in less than 36 hours isn't the way to go about it....

If your problem doesn't get resolved between the two of you, then you can contact a mod....


12-02-2007 16:25:20

Seriously this has to be a cant aim someone at 530 in the morning and expect them to respond to your damn message, plus it didn't make sense to me anyway payment will be paid tonight.

And we have got to do something about these impatient noobs its getting a little outta hand.


12-02-2007 16:29:15

[quotec4e8f00220="jeremy1987"]Seriously this has to be a cant aim someone at 530 in the morning and expect them to respond and your damn message, plus it didn't make sense to me anyway payment will be paid tonight.

And we have got to do something about these impatient noobs its getting a little outta hand.[/quotec4e8f00220]



12-02-2007 17:13:41

First off, forget the AIM messages. You've logged in twice and hadn't replied to my pms. All you needed to do was reply and tell me what was going on. You acted like you didn't have my PayPal address when I had sent it. You told me you'd pay UPON green. And NOW you're saying you'd pay me tonight. That was NOT the agreement. So impatience? No. We had an agreement and you didn't pay in the timeframe that you said you would. I didn't force you to tell me to pay upon green. You said it on your own. If you were having PayPal problems then you should have communicated it. You failed at communicating with me. And I do find it interesting that you finally replied once you see that I made a topic about it. Communication.

The agreement you made to pay upon green and then didn't reply to any of pms to let me know why the delay. This could have been avoided had you COMMUNICATED. Again you made the statement that you'd pay upon green so that was my expectation. This has NOTHING to do with impatience but EVERYTHING to do with the fact that you did not keep your word and failed at communicating with me until I made this topic.

Communication is VERY important to me especially in trading. Keeping your word is VERY important.

It's just that simple! So newbie or not you didn't keep your word. Bottom line.


12-02-2007 17:50:18

Sorry to say, easyliving, but with this attitude, I doubt anyone here will want to trade with you...... especially with your Tr of 0. Yes, communication is important, but so is patience. And paying upon green is not always paying instantly - if that was what you wanted, perhaps you needed to communicate better. We can't all live on here 24/7.


12-02-2007 18:07:40

How did I not reply to your pms when i'm asking for your paypal address? I do not recall getting your paypal address thats why i'm asking for it, and by the way the reason i'm sending a payment tonight is because i'm currently not at home, and to say that i'm not communicating with you is a false statement because I asked for your paypal address I think thats called communication am I right?


12-02-2007 19:35:19

well what do you know I come home to pay him, and I still have no paypal address


12-02-2007 20:03:19

Jemery1987 needs to be quiet, he spammed me twice with the same crap like I'll do a site for him, I never had a trade saying I would refs for cash and this guy does this to me twice, pm'ing me with a offer....

Inbox Message
From jeremy1987
To topbillin1
Posted Sat Feb 03, 2007 721 pm
Subject hi Quote message
hi im doing money.123 its a very site you could complete it for $2 and im paying $20 are you interested?
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[bffbe883c33]And then again[/bffbe883c33]

rom jeremy1987
To topbillin1
Posted Sat Feb 10, 2007 953 am
Subject Hi Quote message
Hey im paying $20 upon green or trade for 250.free4me are you interested?
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I don't like spam and I ain't no newbie so don't treat me like one and stop these idoitic tactics. Jemery1987, you've had a couple complaints against you on A4f as is.... so stop downplaying the situation like newbies are idiots...

And please, NO ONE SPAM ME, I don't appreciate it, I most likely won't do a site for cash.


12-02-2007 20:41:58

the situation on a4f was something completely different and if you have no problems with me you need to stay out of it


13-02-2007 17:34:11

hes been paid someone can close this now