jrjigga57 went red

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11-02-2007 16:00:32

He went red for me on HotStuff.Free4Me, I talked to their support and they said he has two accounts who both did Advantage Language. In my contact with him I told him I was paying for a green and not red. He seems satisfied to call me retarded and other such immature names. I have opened a dispute with PayPal for the money I payed him to green. I will close dispute if he can someone become green again. Here is proof. Beware of this child and his antics, people like him make me wish I paid on approval, not green...

[quotec6ba52fd8b]ur retarded i did an offer for you and u got credit for it WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?? i aint on hold on NOTHING i aint got no multiple accounts either whatever that even means stop trying to renig on a business deal already done weeks ago this is seriously retarded[/quotec6ba52fd8b]

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