Stoneman went red

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11-02-2007 13:26:05

He went red for me on HotStuff.Free4Me, I talked to their support and they said he has two accounts. I have opened a dispute with PayPal for the money I payed him to green. I will close dispute if he can somehow become green again. Here is proof. Beware of this child and his antics, people like him make me wish I paid on approval, not green... He claims something about the flu in the message he sent me and told me he plans to go on vacation for the next week...

The email he signed up with was the ojack one, or two i guess...

[quote6c4a715f38]I just went over to paypal and you sent a dispute why?couldn't you wait until i responded. To your message by finding out what was going on. i can't believe you would think i was trying to scam you say for your self i went green. i'm just as confused as you are. So i sent a support ticket. I waiting for the response. I've also been sick for the last few days with the flu i have lost a lot more than $30.00 Elizabeth. I'll be on vacation this coming week with my girlfriend for valentines when i comeback if i can't solve this prolem with the site i'll give you back your money.

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11-02-2007 15:03:36

Haha, you have lots of people on hold on your account. Yes, he went red on my as well. He told me that he opened a support ticket about it....


12-02-2007 17:49:25

he went red on 500.free4me. he said he spoke to admin, but i think he's just trying to buy some time.

he doesn't have a leg to stand on. i definitely looks like he opened up two accounts.

oh well......


12-02-2007 18:57:04

He told me that the site wont show up for him, dont know how he could talk to an admin if this was possible...


15-02-2007 13:44:15

I guess I shouldn't be planning on him completing the two offers he owes me in return for the two sites I greened for him! I am getting more than a little discouraged.


15-02-2007 13:50:35

That's funny because he went green for me on a Trainn site a couple months ago and it got through approval and everything. Sounds like he got too greedy for his own good.


19-02-2007 22:39:52

PayPal just closed my dispute, ruled in my favor and payed me $10.60 of the $20 I sent. Anyone else who got scammed might want to go this route.


19-02-2007 23:17:45

[quote6a9082995c="coolvaughan"]PayPal just closed my dispute, ruled in my favor and payed me $10.60 of the $20 I sent. Anyone else who got scammed might want to go this route.[/quote6a9082995c]

There wouldn't be any funds for people to recover if you only got a partial amount.