communication trouble

Live forum:


08-02-2007 16:29:11

Another user and I set up a trade on Jan 28 or 29 (I would have to look to be sure). The deal was is that I would do an offer for his site and he would do an offer from one of my sites. I greened for him within the same day. He confirmed that I greened for him and that he would do my site the next day. He signed up for my site, but has not completed an offer. I have tried to stay in contact with him but he has not returned one of my pm's since I went green for him. I guess my question is, is how do I get this person to respond to my pm's so that I can find out if there is a problem? I am very new to the site, but I did not expect to have no contact with someone with exceptional TR.


08-02-2007 16:54:39

Best bet would be to PM a moderator with the details. I had a similar problem recently, and KeithA was very helpful and was able to resolve the issue in one day.