possible scammer

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08-02-2007 09:18:39

I've got a guy that did a trade with me and I fulfilled my end with 24 hours.

I inquired about a week ago as to the status and he said he hadn't been approved yet so I waited.

The other day he told me that I had taken longer than the 1 week we had agreed on.

This not true and my account proves it's not true.

He has some TR under his belt so I won't mention names in public.

Let me know what to do.



08-02-2007 09:22:15

pm a mod i would say...


08-02-2007 16:07:23

PM a moderator - KeithA was very helpful for me with a problem last week.

Also, you could contact the site you greened on and have it removed, but that is kind of drastic, until you have tried other options.