People who don't pay.....or stay in contact!

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03-02-2007 16:33:53

I completed an offer for cea711 back on 1/3/07 and STILL no payment and NOW no contact! Won't answer any PM's!!
And I think everyone already knows about Ready2Trade ---he still owes me money from a site I did on 1/4/07! This is crap--I trade some on here but mostly l've been doing more work on Referral Swapper but anyone from here..RS or A4F knows I pay my people! Id like the same respect. AND what is with people not staying in contact during their trades!! Sorry for the b#@%@ fest but coooome on people!

Laura C.


03-02-2007 17:32:39

I am indeed sorry that its happening. I know it sucks - because I've experienced it as well.

I hope he/she will respond soon.


15-04-2007 22:04:53

I am for sure with you on communication. I hate when people say they will do a trade for you and sign up on your site and then you never hear another word. I don't know if they did any offers or if they are having problems getting credit or what. It is very frustrating. Just thought I'd vent a little since you brought it up.

Communication is the key to success.


16-04-2007 14:34:50

Yep, I'm right there with you...can't stand having to hound people only to be told, after two weeks of no contact, that "well, i don't really want to do that site after all...sorry...". I'd much rather just be told right away if they decide not to do the ref for me even if we've set up a trade in the TM. Just don't leave me hanging! It seems to be happening more often than not...oh well, thanks for letting me vent, too...


17-04-2007 10:33:40

One thing I do is whenever someone asks me for a trade, I PM them back and say that if they are serious, PM me back and I will set up the trade. Then if they get back to me that second time, I set up the trade. That way I feel that they are at least responding to me. It doesn't always work. I still have some that don't respond later, but at least I'm not setting up a whole bunch of trades that get no response.


18-04-2007 19:57:57

That's a good idea frediggy. I was really surprised at the number of people that have asked or agreed to set up a trade with me, I set it up and then don't hear anything back from them, AND they don't change their status on the drop down menu of the trade module! It always says negotiaing/waiting. So you're wondering, what's going on? I've been trying to come up with some different ways to deal with this, since I've only been getting referrals for a couple of weeks. I just wasn't expecting that to happen.
One thing I do now is say when I set up the trade, in the trade module to please keep in contact during the trade. Don't know if it will help or not.
Tonight I just pm'd everyone that has set up a trade, but I'm still wondering what's going on- I just wrote in the subject "status" and asked them to please let me know the status of their trade and let them know that they're still showing "negotiating/waiting" on the trade module. I told them that this evening I am just checking on my trades and the sooner they green the sooner they can get paid.
thanks for the vent!!


20-04-2007 16:01:01

Those are also very good ideas. I try to check on all my open trades too. I always note the date I PM them and also note it if I get no response. If I don't hear back from them in a certain amount of time, I cancel the trade. Too bad people can't be responsible enough to follow through on what they start. Especially when they know that other people are involved and depending on them. I don't think some of them realize that we are holding these spots for them and keeping others who may be more responsible from filling that spot.